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09 October 2016 @ 02:26 pm
Dear Yuletide Author...  
Dear Yuletide Author,

Thanks for writing for me! I’m excited that it’s Yuletide season, and excited to get a fic in a fandom I don’t get the chance to read that often.

One thing about me is that I really love interesting and complex characters. So while I enjoy explicit, sexy stories, I like them to be about more than just the act. I like to see what it reveals about the characters, how it will impact their relationship. While my prompts lean to the sexy, if that isn’t your thing, I’m also turned on by a good story with high stakes and high passion (romantic or otherwise).

Now, onto the details…

Yeah. I know a lot of people really like things in the list below. Heck, I can even like/read them sometimes too, but for Yuletide, I’d rather not receive any of the following.

MPREG, A/B/O fic, Woobies, Fluff ,Hurt/Comfort, Crackfic/humor, Social issue/political fics, AU’s, Watersports/Scat, Weak male/female characters, Sweetly sentimental or schmoopy fics, Domestic fic/curtain fic, Extreme angst (some angst is fine).

What are some things that really ping with me in a fic? Well, some of them are listed below.

In short, things that I tend to like: power dynamics/exchanges, dirty talk, smart characters, sexual/romantic tension, good stories, steamy sex, kinky sex, alpha-leaning men and women (though NOT in the alpha/beta/omega sense), dub con/non con, passion, fire, intensity, an edge of darkness/danger, dark or intelligent humor, surrender (even against better judgment), strong/capable characters, temptation, non-vanilla/traditional characters/situations, good writing, taking chances, getting inside characters' heads.

I like slash, het (though not vanilla het), and femslash. If you’re writing either het or femslash, I like strong, capable women who own their own strength, intellect, and desire. Of course, I like that in men too. I like BDSM, though more in terms of power dynamics and less in terms of highly ritualized behavior.

Crimson Peak
I loved this movie for too many reasons to go into in this post. There’s an earlier post in my LJ talking about some of the reasons why. For Yuletide, I’d love to see some dark sibcest, but please, after Thomas is of age. If you’re inclined to the femslashy, Edith/Lucille wouldn’t go awry. If you looking to write het, I’d like Thomas/Edith to keep the edge of darkness and danger to it. I also wouldn’t mind a post-film Edith/Alan fic where Edith remains tethered to the ghosts of her past (literally, not just metaphorically).

Houdini and Doyle
This show was my spring surprise from Fox. I really enjoyed the characters and the line the show has been balancing on between the supernatural and rational. I particularly liked the interactions between Houdini and Adelaide, and how that arc progressed throughout the season. What would’ve happened if their kiss didn’t end with just a kiss? If you are thinking post-season, what might happen on that long boat ride to England with Houdini and Adelaide both vulnerable and mourning their individual losses?

The Mummy
For quite a long time, I’ve been thinking that it might be nice to have a fic where Anck Su Namum wasn’t just practicing combat with the Pharoh’s daughter/Evie. She wasn’t loyal to the Pharoh. Why should we think she’d be loyal to Imhotep?

Game of Thrones RPF
For this fandom, I’d like to see Nikolaj Coster-Waldau/Pedro Pascal. Like the first prompt perhaps something where something of the characters bleed over into an encounter between them. If you like the idea of idea of a more adventurous Pedro and a more restrained Nikolaj who needs some coaxing/convincing, that would be delightful. I love to see two alpha men (though not A/B/O alpha please) struggling to have the upper hand physically, intellectually, and sexually over each other. I’m good with dubcon, more than good.

Lucifer (TV)
I was very pleasantly surprised by Lucifer last year. I was afraid it would disappointment, but it so didn’t For Yuletide, I’d like to see Maze/Linda. I’d like to see how Maze is learning to be more “human” and adjust to her new circumstances. We know that Linda is helping her with this and that it isn’t just with talk. I like strong, capable women, and both of these ladies qualify, though in very different ways.

The Magicians (TV)
For The Magicians, I’d like darker fics. Either Quentin/The Beast | Martin Chatwin or Penny/ The Beast | Martin Chatwin. If you’d like to combine both into a threesome, that would be find. Canonically, this would be in the realm of hard dub con to non con. If Penny is involved in the fic, it wouldn’t have to be something that happened anywhere except in dreams.

Please don’t let my suggestions make you feel too boxed in. I know that writing something that you’re really excited makes things more fun.

I know I’ll enjoy whatever you write!