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25 May 2011 @ 11:02 pm
Putting the Reader First...  
On Saturday, I went to the monthly Georgia Romance Writers meeting to hear Dianna Love and Barbara Vey talk about attracting and keeping readers. The different perspectives (Love as NY Times Bestseller and Vey as a Publishers Weekly editor) were interesting and started my aca-hamster running about in its wee ivory tower wheel. Because the things I study, convergence and participatory cultures, had a lot to do with both speakers’ advice.

Providing interaction and community were key points, and anyone who has studied or moved in fandom circles or been sucked into an ARG viral marketing campaign or media discussion forum knows the power of those forces in providing audience satisfaction and participation.

One piece of advice many of the stories and examples circled back to for writers not to forget they are also readers, that they are part of the audience they are hoping to sell to. It’s not as if you need to project yourself into your audience’s shoes. You already live in that same space.

Not above it, in it.